Top model GSM banyan with electronic earpiece - 7 to 8 hrs working with a single charge and 220 Hz high sensitive MIC.

Package/List of Accessories:
1x  KGB76342 Banyan

1X standard electronic earpiece
2 X 377 earpiece battery
1x charging cable

Include electronic earpiece - gives a maximum of 40Hz output and electronic earpiece 110 bm output.

On many occasions, you possibly don't hope others notice your operating mobile-phone  only the tiny earpiece Completely-in-the-Canal get touched with the ear drum
wireless earphone is designed to be entirely concealed in the ear canal. It is the ideal device for unobtrusive reception without cables or wires of any kind. It is a new generation of earphone.This earpiece  possibly is the smallest wireless receiver in the world. Virtually invisible when worn, The earpiece rests deep in the ear canal.
The covert Assembly offers the best communications solution at times when secrecy and privacy are of paramount importance. For example, Surveillance, VIP Protection, Investigation, etc. The technical specifications of individual components allow them to be used with a wide range of personal radios.
In the professional security field, this new micro receiver will be highly appreciated by security forces and special army units.The earpiece allows you to inform, command and alert your team, without them carrying visible communications.

 The sounds like a phone call ( magnetic only 40 Hz , easy n enough to understand )

Extremely compact and discreet the wireless earpiece gives the wearer complete freedom of movement, Static-free transmission ensures clear reception of voice communications and a custom integrated circuit with low current consumption guarantees a long trouble free battery service life.

We manufacture some special accessories for connecting to the majority of mobile phones or sth like this. among them are Induction NeckLoop or Blue-Tooth Transmitters Neckloop, and so on. They converts output into an inductive signal which is received by the earpiece,it doesn't influence it's previous function. For example mobile phone can listen and talk.
The accessories can directly use with most brands and specifications of mobile phones, and wireless interphones of MOT, Kenwood and Yaesu. For some less- frequently-used and special equipments, we can specially design for your order. We also produce communication equipment specially used with the earpiece, such as Wallet Wireless System.
For TWO-WAY system, most people like to choose mobile phones as its communication equipment, and set it in the state of automatically answer or acoustic control, that is, you don't need to wait any more, and while you listening to the call you also can answer it.
Wireless interphone is very necessary for teamwork, because it can make group-call and the whole operations of it is very simple and easy.


How to use - 

 Clean your ear and then put the tiny earpiece into your ear make the vest switch on Now make calls / Listen to audio clips . Enjoy !!!  

Application - 

This spy vest earpiece set can be used by anyone who wants to contact anyone secretly without being visible to others. It can be used by students during exam , can be used in interviews , by FBI officers or any detectives  etc.

*** The earpiece will be completely hidden in the ear canal thus from outside no one will be able to see the earpiece. 


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KGB76342 GSM banyan with Electronic earpiece

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