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Spy Earpiece, Hidden earphones, Smallest Bluetooth Earphones for secret communication.

This model is of Micspy electronic Earpiece and used with other devices to produce sound. The earpiece is having a standard size for all human ears. The sound quality is good but not the best if compared with Branded Bluetooth earphones/ The reason for this is that these spy earpiece works with electromagnetic waves and not like normal Bluetooth connection. This earpiece is not like Bluetooth earphone and it will not connect directly with the phone or any Bluetooth devices. Commonly known as Hidden earphone, Spy earphone, Smallest Bluetooth Earphone or Invisible Earphone. In web search you can also get some other terms like exam cheating devices or cheating gadgets, exam cheating gadgets, spy earpiece for exam cheating but no company or seller allows for such kind of work. The customer should not use the product unlawfully or use the product to do any illegal work. Please read all the things mentioned here before buying any product from our site - Click Here

Cheating on an examination with any product bought from / is strictly against the Terms and Conditions of purchase. So before placing an order do accept the terms and conditions of purchase.

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