We do provide a store pickup facility with some terms and conditions for purchasing any of our product.  Buyer can visit our office and get collect the ordered product hand to hand with proper testing and demos. Before placing any pickup order do read all the terms and conditions. 

  1.  The customer should not use the product unlawfully or use the product to do any kind of illegal work.

  2. By purchasing our products the user should declare that he/she is an adult. Need to submit a self-attested ID for the same.

  3. The purchaser shall never permit anyone to use the product in any kind of illegal work.

  4. The store, the company or any other member of the staff will not be responsible for any unlawful work or misusing the product which is sold by us.

  5. If found guilty with carrying on illegal activities the purchaser will not hold the company guilty or claim to pay any fees regarding any court cases.

  6. The buyer need to place order from our site only and need to make the payment online and not in cash.

  7. If any buyer want to pay in cash then he/she needs to sign with thump print on our T&C hard copy and neep to hand over the same to the respective branch manager. 

  8. For store pickup the buyer need to book an appointment with mention exact product details and need to pay an advance amount of Rs 500. This amount will be adjusted with the final cost of the product.


Thanks for your order!